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Gosh darn that Bob…

Bob Douglas Lights
“Lights” acrylic on canvas by Bob Douglas, 2013

A shout out today to Bob Douglas. Kudos and mahalo for going above and beyond the call as an artist.

Long story short – on the last day of Bob’s recent show with Trudee Siemann at HFAC, a man visiting from Texas showed interest in one of Bob’s large paintings. As is too often the case, the man was hoping for a significant discount from the listed price. To help facilitate the sale, we agreed to forgo the gallery commission if the man would deal with Bob directly. (Honestly, the painting was seven feet square and was to be shipped to Texas; we were content to miss out on THAT fun.) Bob negotiated the sale, crated the piece, and sent it along. Good job!

Here the story gets special. Afterwards, he came in to give us some money as a token of appreciation. We tried to refuse but he was too persistent. He out-gracioused us. We are in training to see that it doesn’t happen again.

Too many artists see galleries as enemies. They see the gallery as living off the artists’ genius and struggle, contributing little and getting much. Better to see the gallery as your co-collaborator, a partner who will handle the messy and distasteful Selling Art Thing and free you to do the fun and exciting Create Masterpieces Thing. When bringing in work to exhibit, let the gallery know the price you want for the work. Let them mark it up – whatever the number. Then, go home and make more art.

As an alternative, try selling your work door-to-door. Let us know how that works for you!

Again, kudos and mahalo to Bob Douglas!

PS- Whether selling through galleries or by yourself, always ask for a price that would make you happy. To sell a piece and be angry about it just doesn’t make sense…

Thanks for your time,

David L. Hubbard