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We love our new scanner!

The CRUSE Scanner’s unique light distribution system ensures the faithful reproduction of even the finest surface textures.

Yes folks, we’ve gone big time… and we’re loving it.

We’ve always thought we had a pretty good thing going here. The acquisition of a truly world-class CRUSE scanner is just icing on the cake.

Just how great are CRUSE scanners? The quality and detail of the digital files they produce make them the scanner of choice of organizations such as the Getty Foundation, The Pentagon, the Vatican and NASA, to name a few.

Weren’t we doing pretty well with what we already had?

As a matter of fact, running some tests confirmed the quality of our previous digital captures. However, they required a lot of tear-down and set-up, we couldn’t shoot through glass and we were limited when it came to the depth of texture we were able to reproduce. Well, not any more!

Come in, check it out. We think you’ll love our new scanner too!