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My plan worked!

A custom 16×24 canvas print for a quarter? Recently I sent out an email letting my clients know they could order a 16×24 custom canvas print for a measly 25 cents. But there was a catch: it had to be in the form of a New Jersey state quarter, the missing link in my collection of state quarters. (And it was limited to the first 3 people to respond.) But my real goal was to get people looking at the art on the back of their money and it worked! I was delighted and gratified at the number of positive comments I received regarding this. So remember, #artiseverywhere . . . Look around you today and enjoy it!

A partial view of my completed quarter collection. Lots of cool designs!
Wondering what a New Jersey quarter looks like? Start checking the backs of your quarters today!

David Hubbard on “Tradigital” Painting…

“Tradigital” is a blending of the words “traditional” and “digital”. The process of creating digital art is likewise a mixture of old and new. An artwork is considered tradigital if a significant step in the process of creating the artwork was performed using digital technology.

Artists can experiment with infinite variations using uncoated giclée prints of the original as a starting point.

In the example seen here, the central painting is a traditional oil on canvas. the tradigital paintings on either side are significant reworks from the original painting, executed in oil over uncoated giclée canvas prints. These are original paintings in their own right and depart from the original painting far more than would enhanced giclée prints.

Digital/giclée prints are an important new tool in the artist’s creative kit, and can provide a painter with fresh options to choose from, choices which simply cannot be made within a single painting.

Tradigital painting allows artists to follow the advice of the great sage Yogi Berra, who once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

It’s a whole new world…