Prints for $5.00!

We’re cleaning out our print storage drawers one drawer at a time and offering excess prints for only $5 each! Offer good Wednesday, 9/26/12 thru Fri. 9/28/12. CASH ONLY. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Prints for $%!


Keaau Fine Art Center has relocated to Hilo!

…and become Hilo Fine Art Center!

New location, new name, same phone number!

New name, new location, new look… same personalized service and attention to detail!

Now located at 224 Kamehameha Ave., suite 104 (Entrance on Haili Street!).

New hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm.

New email address: gallery@HiloFineArt

Same old phone number: 808-966-9995.


New item at Keaau Fine Art Center

Pens Handmade from koa, mango, mac nut and more!

Special introductory price on beautifully handcrafted hardwood pens & pencils! Now available at Keaau Fine Art Center from $25-$35.

Koa, mango, mac nut and more  in slim, medium and manly-man designs. There’s something for everyone! Stop by and take a look.

We’re open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 9am-Noon.


Photoshop Image Optimizing Workshop

Photoshop Image Optimizing Workshop

Optimize your images non-destructively and quickly!

This workshop is about making non-destructive edits to your images for basic tasks such as cropping, straightening, tonal and color correction, sharpening, noise reduction and even light retouching without opening Photoshop!

Through the use of Camera Raw, you can make edits quickly and easily without touching any pixels in your image. Non-destructive edits can also be made in Photoshop using Adjustment Layers. These methods are part of the latest workflow and will save you valuable time processing your images!
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Merrie Monarch Parade Features Artist Rod Cameron

The Merrie Monarch 2011 Parade this year had a few interesting additions, one of which was artist Rod Cameron on a float with easel and paints, ready to be creative.

Merrie Monarch Parade Features Artist Rod Cameron

Rod used Keaau Fine Art Center to print his 2010 Wahine O’ Hula and 2011 Kane O’ Hula posters for the side of the float. They looked great and he even put a sign on the back of the float giving KFAC a plug! Continue reading Merrie Monarch Parade Features Artist Rod Cameron


iPhone Apps For Photographers Get More Powerful Everyday!

A few weeks ago Dewitt Jones was here at KFAC giving a seminar called “See the Light!”. Dewitt was an award-winning film producer and National Geographic photographer for over 20 years. What intrigues him these days is enjoying the photographic process and just having fun with it! His vast portfolio contains some images taken and produced with only an iPhone 4, and they definitely show that the possibilities for iPhone photography are nearly endless. Continue reading iPhone Apps For Photographers Get More Powerful Everyday!


Making Fine Selections in Photoshop using Channel Mask or Refine Edge

By David Burns

This Photoshop CS5 tutorial will demonstrate how to change the background in a portrait without losing much detail. I’ll also show you how to achieve that in earlier versions of Photoshop. Before Photoshop CS3, making fine selections was fairly difficult. Refine Edge came to the rescue in CS3 and makes fine selections a snap. Before that there were a few ways to achieve fine selections, the most popular being Channel Masks. First I’ll show you a Channel Mask technique and then I’ll show you Refine Edge for those who have CS3 or later.

Making Fine Selections in Photoshop Continue reading Making Fine Selections in Photoshop using Channel Mask or Refine Edge