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Introduction to Digital Painting/Drawing!


Join us for one of two identical one-hour sessions:

10:30-11:30 or 1:00-2:00   $5 in advance, $10 at the door. Seating is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

Bring your tablet, iPad or smart phone for some fast, easy fun!

Instructor Carlton Stout is a visual artist with broad experience covering digital media arts, traditional media and digital fine arts. Carlton holds a Digital Arts degree with Honors from Hawaii Community College and has exhibited and sold work in juried shows and galleries.
He will be offering a Digital Painting & Drawing Seminar in January 2016. Take advantage of this interactive presentation to find out what to expect! There will be time for questions and answers before and after each session.

Flesh & Form: New exhibit starting May 1st

LIFEDRAWHilo Fine Art Center is proud to present an exhibit of works generated by artists attending the Figure Session held at the Cultural Center every Tuesday evening. These weekly sessions have been hosted for the last few years by Julianna Graper, nee Ziegler, and the exhibit is a thank-you to her for her good work. Mahalo, Jules, you have done the room proud!

I grew up as a painter in a similar room, working the figure. Though I could draw from life since high school, I had painted almost exclusively from photographs. At thirty, I was mostly self-taught and solitary. And dissatisfied with my work.

In 1987 I was about the eighth person to sign up with the newly formed Art Students League of Denver. Founded by Philip Levine, it was based on the New York model. One Tuesday evening I walked into the room (Long Pose Painting),set up my flimsy aluminum easel and student grade paint, and flailed away. It was the most humbling three hours and three bucks I have ever spent. I sucked. But I went back. And I sucked again, a little less. And back again. About the fourth or fifth time, I started to get it. Over time I got comfortable. (And the others in the room started looking me in the eye. I was getting less awkwardly bad…) I made some good friends, became a painter among painters. I found my Tribe. My work got much better.

Drawing and painting the figure is the calisthenics of making art. It’s the Great Hunt- you got 20 minutes and what can you capture? It’s live and RIGHT NOW. And again. And again. It’s where you develop your eye and your chops. It’s the most fun ever.

It’s also the most egalitarian and friendly room in the art cosmos.
(An aside. Though I grew up as a painter in the room, I truly became a man the night I walked into the room with my classy new French Easel-and student grade paint. Good paint followed soon, and I still have the easel. Faithful old thing.)

“Real artists work the figure” is one of the few good snobbisms left. Come see some real good work by some real, good artists!


Opening reception: Friday, May 1, 6-9pm.   Closing party Saturday, May 23, 4-7pm


New Exhibit Features Works by Norman David Carby

Norman David Carby Exhibit Poster
Exhibit runs from February 7 thru March 7, 2014.

“Hawaii Days”, a new exhibit featuring works by Norman David Carby opens during downtown Hilo’s monthly First Friday Artwalk and runs thru Friday, March 7.

Norman has made his home in Hawaii since 1983. His paintings display a unique hard-edged, graphic style. (Although, deep down, Norman is all soft edges… he’s offered to donate 10% of any sales to benefit local musician Kahea Rosehill as he recovers from reconstructive surgery!)


Chinese Lantern Workshop

Learn how to make a beautiful,  functional Chinese lantern Thursday, Feb. 13th!

Living in Hilo, we are blessed with unmatched cultural diversity – and a bunch of special occasions. Just as we think we have wrapped up “The Holidays”, a new one pops up. To help keep the party rolling, HFAC is proud to present Chinese Lantern Making, “Island Style” with Kathleen Kam.

To celebrate the Year of the Green Wood Horse, participants will create Chinese Lanterns. These beautiful and functional pieces will be created in the traditional Chinese fashion, but with a bit of Big Island flair provided by Kathleen… and you!

Workshop Info:Thursday, Feb. 13 from 4-8pm

$60 per student. All supplies provided. Maximum 8 students

Register by contacting HFAC at 808-966-9995 or


Join the fun on Black & White Night!

Funny film strip photosCome join the fun during Hilo’s 13th Annual Black & White Night Friday, November. 1st!

Put on your spiffiest black and white duds and come strike some silly poses in our photo booth… check out our latest black & white art, listen to live music, enjoy some pupus, then head back out for more live music, dancing, a scavenger hunt, prizes, and more!

Downtown Hilo really shines this night… don’t miss out!


Sign up for our new drawing class!

This four-week class will provide exercises for observing contour, negative spaces, perspective, proportion, light and shadow. Students will find this to be a solid foundation for further study of advanced drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, sculpture, and more. These exercises also produce a relaxed but alert meditative state both enjoyable in itself and an effective tool for the maintenance of wellness and for healing.

Simple materials and an emphasis on learning not performance keep it fun for beginners and advanced students alike.

Materials: Pencils, eraser, inexpensive 9×12 sketchpad, (or printer paper and clipboard).

$60 fee covers all 4 sessions. Sessions run Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm beginning October 30, ending November 20.


Photoshop Image Optimizing Workshop

Photoshop Image Optimizing Workshop

Optimize your images non-destructively and quickly!

This workshop is about making non-destructive edits to your images for basic tasks such as cropping, straightening, tonal and color correction, sharpening, noise reduction and even light retouching without opening Photoshop!

Through the use of Camera Raw, you can make edits quickly and easily without touching any pixels in your image. Non-destructive edits can also be made in Photoshop using Adjustment Layers. These methods are part of the latest workflow and will save you valuable time processing your images!
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