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In Memory of david L. hubbard

David L. Hubbard, looking at ease with his easels.

Video link below for the memorial service held at Hilo Fine Art Center on Sunday, December 16, 2018 for our beloved friend, David Hubbard. He was an integral part of HFAC and our lives personally for seven wonderful years. We were moved by the sweet, funny, heartwarming stories shared by those who loved him. As friend and fellow artist Jim Rhodes put it, “he walked the earth softly.” David is sorely missed but we are so grateful for the time we had with him.


We’ve launched our Hahnemühle product shopping cart!

We've launched our Hahnemühle product shopping cart!

We’ve added a shopping cart to our site! Now you can click on the “Shop” tab at the top of our website to order Hahnemühle papers and canvas.

This is the same quality product we use in producing our own giclee prints. Give it a try sometime!

We charge a flat rate of $15 to ship within the Hawaiian Islands.


Our “tradigital” work at Wailoa Center.

Our tradigital work at Wailoa Center.

We don’t just reproduce other artist’s work here at HFAC… sometimes we get to make some of our own! David Hubbard and I have a number of items in an exhibit showcasing “tradigital” art at Wailoa Center thru July 27, 2017.

“Tradigital” is a term coined to describe art and artists that combine traditional and digital methods and media. Hubbard and I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the show. The diversity of the 15 participating artists makes for an interesting, varied exhibit.


HFAC is relocating!

Howdy art fans… please help get the word out: We are moving Hilo Fine Art Center back to our original location in Shipman Business Park! We’ve enjoyed our time in downtown Hilo but we’re adding screen printing to our line of services and want to keep everything in one location.
We’ll be making the move to 16-643 Kipimana Street (Keaau) the week of October 10 thru 14.  Stop by and see us sometime!


Introduction to Digital Painting/Drawing!


Join us for one of two identical one-hour sessions:

10:30-11:30 or 1:00-2:00   $5 in advance, $10 at the door. Seating is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

Bring your tablet, iPad or smart phone for some fast, easy fun!

Instructor Carlton Stout is a visual artist with broad experience covering digital media arts, traditional media and digital fine arts. Carlton holds a Digital Arts degree with Honors from Hawaii Community College and has exhibited and sold work in juried shows and galleries.
He will be offering a Digital Painting & Drawing Seminar in January 2016. Take advantage of this interactive presentation to find out what to expect! There will be time for questions and answers before and after each session.

David Hubbard on “Tradigital” Painting…

“Tradigital” is a blending of the words “traditional” and “digital”. The process of creating digital art is likewise a mixture of old and new. An artwork is considered tradigital if a significant step in the process of creating the artwork was performed using digital technology.

Artists can experiment with infinite variations using uncoated giclée prints of the original as a starting point.

In the example seen here, the central painting is a traditional oil on canvas. the tradigital paintings on either side are significant reworks from the original painting, executed in oil over uncoated giclée canvas prints. These are original paintings in their own right and depart from the original painting far more than would enhanced giclée prints.

Digital/giclée prints are an important new tool in the artist’s creative kit, and can provide a painter with fresh options to choose from, choices which simply cannot be made within a single painting.

Tradigital painting allows artists to follow the advice of the great sage Yogi Berra, who once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

It’s a whole new world…


We love our new scanner!

The CRUSE Scanner’s unique light distribution system ensures the faithful reproduction of even the finest surface textures.

Yes folks, we’ve gone big time… and we’re loving it.

We’ve always thought we had a pretty good thing going here. The acquisition of a truly world-class CRUSE scanner is just icing on the cake.

Just how great are CRUSE scanners? The quality and detail of the digital files they produce make them the scanner of choice of organizations such as the Getty Foundation, The Pentagon, the Vatican and NASA, to name a few.

Weren’t we doing pretty well with what we already had?

As a matter of fact, running some tests confirmed the quality of our previous digital captures. However, they required a lot of tear-down and set-up, we couldn’t shoot through glass and we were limited when it came to the depth of texture we were able to reproduce. Well, not any more!

Come in, check it out. We think you’ll love our new scanner too!


New Exhibit Features Works by Norman David Carby

Norman David Carby Exhibit Poster
Exhibit runs from February 7 thru March 7, 2014.

“Hawaii Days”, a new exhibit featuring works by Norman David Carby opens during downtown Hilo’s monthly First Friday Artwalk and runs thru Friday, March 7.

Norman has made his home in Hawaii since 1983. His paintings display a unique hard-edged, graphic style. (Although, deep down, Norman is all soft edges… he’s offered to donate 10% of any sales to benefit local musician Kahea Rosehill as he recovers from reconstructive surgery!)


Chinese Lantern Workshop

Learn how to make a beautiful,  functional Chinese lantern Thursday, Feb. 13th!

Living in Hilo, we are blessed with unmatched cultural diversity – and a bunch of special occasions. Just as we think we have wrapped up “The Holidays”, a new one pops up. To help keep the party rolling, HFAC is proud to present Chinese Lantern Making, “Island Style” with Kathleen Kam.

To celebrate the Year of the Green Wood Horse, participants will create Chinese Lanterns. These beautiful and functional pieces will be created in the traditional Chinese fashion, but with a bit of Big Island flair provided by Kathleen… and you!

Workshop Info:Thursday, Feb. 13 from 4-8pm

$60 per student. All supplies provided. Maximum 8 students

Register by contacting HFAC at 808-966-9995 or