Hilo Fine Art Center specializes in art reproduction and fine art printing with an emphasis on excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Originally opened in 2007 in Shipman Business Park, Keaau, under two names: Island Giclee, for art reproduction and fine art printing, and Island Inkjet Art Supply for sales of inkjet media, stretcher bars, specialty coatings, etc.

As operations expanded to include gallery exhibits and instructional workshops the two entities were eventually merged and renamed under the more encompassing moniker, “Keaau Fine Art Center”.

For several years clients enjoyed a variety of events, such as the popular art supply swap meet, numerous exhibits, including the innovative “Digital4Print”, and hands-on workshops featuring some of the country’s most well-known experts in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Operations were relocated to downtown Hilo in April, 2012 where the name was altered to reflect the new location. In October, 2016 the business was relocated back to Shipman Business Park in Keaau. Since Keeau is an outlying town to Hilo, the name remains Hilo Fine Art Center. The emphasis continues to be on providing high quality art reproduction and fine art printing services, samples of which can be purchased at reasonable prices in the gallery space up front.

Owner/photographer Robbyn Peck is a stickler for quality and enjoys fine tuning the technical aspects of the giclee process just as much as the more artistic elements of the business. Seeing a print emerging from one of her large format printers never loses its magic and helping her clients realize their own creative projects is a source of great satisfaction.